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Wrapping things up!
This has been a good year, despite the lack of nominations in many of the categories. The sites that won were all very good and deserved to win!

It is sad that this is the end of the Golden Paint Can Awards. I was honored when Wetpaint allowed me to take it over after they decided to end it four years ago, and I am proud of what it has morphed into under my care. Still, we have to cast off all vestiges of the Wetpaint era, and move into the future of the WikiFoundry era.

The staff here wishes you will all head over to the Golden Anvil Awards wiki and continue the awards into their 7th year!

The Categories:
Emerging - Winners have been announced
Role Play - Winners have been announced
Warrior Cats - Winners have been announced
Weird & Wonderful - Winners have been announced

Golden Paint Can Awards History
The Golden Paint Can Awards lasted six years!
Check out the past awards, as well as the history of the awards, at
History of the Golden Paint Can Awards!

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