Meet the Judges

Meet the people who will be choosing the nominations and Judge's Choice Awards for 2013! We all have different things we like to look for in a wiki, so look here to see what you should work on to get your wiki noticed.-

Head Judges

Head Judge: CaptainSpazYes, that is the Hylian Shield and Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda on the wall behind me.Deputy Head Judge: Walrusworldstudios
Meet the Judges - Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards
Bio: Over 55,000 total WikiFoundry Contributions on over 10 wikis. Wetpainting for over five years. Graduated with an A.A in Liberal Arts from West Valley College in 2009 and Graduated with a B.S in Justice Studies from San Jose State University in 2012.
What I am looking for:
  • Well-designed and organized homepage
  • More than one member contributing
  • Reasonable amount of meaningful activity
  • Professional looking material
  • Good community/structure
My tools of the trade:
  • Firefox nightly
  • IE 10
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2014
  • Vuze
Time zone: PDT; GMT -8

Bio: Currently a senior in High School, Captain of the Cross-Country team, and one of the Varsity Track and Field runners at his high school. A Superpainter who's used WikiFoundry for over five years. He has worked on various websites as an administrator. Most commonly associated with Warrior Cat Clans 2 Classic, Wetpaint Promotional Advertising, and American Idol Fan Wiki. He is currently a Golden Paint Can Awards Deputy Head Judge and an administrator on WikiFoundry Central. He has over 35,000 overall contributions on WikiFoundry. He won a very close race with CryingDove for Wetpainter of the Year. He hopes to attend Boston College as a member of the Class of 2017.
What I am looking for:
  • Page Design (Page design is neat and organized. Flow of the design is key.)
  • Hardworking Staff (Staff Members are dedicated to improving the site.)
  • Initial Reaction (Site should be original and creative at first glance.)
  • Strong Community (Members are respectful, welcoming and support the site.)

Support Judges

Meet the Judges - Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards
Bio: I am a High School student and have been on WikiFoundry for almost 4 years from September 29 to now. I been all around WikiFoundry I been active many sites and owner of many as well. I have over took control as owner of many inactive sites and made them active as well. I am a Former WikiFoundry Community Moderator and now am a WikiFoundry Community Writer and been judge for 2 years. I am a Web and Graphic Designer and have almost over 30,0000 contributions on WikiFoundry.

What I will be looking for?

  • I looked for is focusing content on what's your wiki is mostly about.
  • Influencing and attracting welcoming message with steps when newcomers join
  • Hard/Love/Helpful Staff
  • Good Content Info and with good grammar. ( IF COULD DO SO.)
  • Manmade Original Content, and great manmade images/graphics
  • Good loving Community that spend their time in their wiki,staff, and users
  • .ANTI-FREE SPAMMING (On threads, pages, and users profiles.)
Tools I Use
  • Gimp
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Google Chrome
  • Windows 8
Designer for the masthead and badgesMaxwilly
(Maxwilly "ANARCHY")
Bio: Mostly ex-WikiFoundry member who has spent the last two and a half years learning web design and application development. I now run Glimmer Studios (website coming soon) and perform web design as a paid service. I also have a series of applications, one of which is a web browser by the name of Serum.

Ex-WikiFoundry Central moderator, WPAds writer and active Golden Paint Cans judge (second year running).

During my two years on WikiFoundry, I have learned the platform top to bottom. Combine that with my experience as a freelance graphics, application and web designer, and you have a judge who knows exactly what to look for when analysing a website.

What I am looking for:

  • A professional logo
  • Fluent, intuitive and friendly layouts & formatting
  • Subtle, fixed colour scheme
  • Up-to-date content
  • Active, friendly and spam-free community
  • Carefully selected staff who know what they're doing
  • An amazing first impression (banner, home page, welcome message)

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