Weird & Wonderful - 2013

Due to the amount of categories with just one nomination, all those nominations will be rolled into this category.

The awards

These are the awards you can win this year:
Most Active Wiki
Most Original Wiki
Best Content
Most Active - Weird & WonderfulMost Original - Weird & WonderfulBest Content - Weird & Wonderful
Most Organized Wiki
Best Staff
Most Improved
Most Organized - Weird & WonderfulBest Staff - Weird & WonderfulMost Improved - Weird & Wonderful

Most Popular Wiki

Most Popular - Weird & Wonderful

Best Wiki
Best Wiki - Weird & Wonderful
After the judges have selected their choices, the winners of each will move on to go against the winners of the other nine categories for the Category of the Year awards.

List of nominees

(This section will house the mastheads of each wiki nominated in the threads below.)
Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki
Demi Lovato Fan Site
Supernatural Wiki

Other categories

Emerging Role Play Warrior Cats Weird & Wonderful

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